Buyer's Guide

Heart and home

Your guide to experiencing a smooth real estate purchase. 

Exciting times. Starting fresh or adding an additional property to your life, this is a time of optimism, hope and caution. We’re here to give you an honest portrait of communities and a heartfelt welcome. 


The bottom line is your budget. Establishing your price range first gives you the security of knowing that you can act on your choice, and it is attainable. Secure your financing and the rest is simpler.


We want your experience to be genuinely rewarding. Reflecting on these points will help you avoid listings that are inappropriate.

Where: Identify your most desirable qualities in a new neighbourhood or community

Property Type: Single-family; income suite; rural, urban, acreage

Services: Determine that what you need is available within your comfort range


With a short list of 3-5 properties, you are ready to book viewings. 
Request full information packages from your realtor.

Adjust your list if necessary once you have reviewed the documents.
Request bookings.

Making an offer

This can be a time-sensitive moment. Having your financing established ahead of time means you can move forward on the desired property quickly and not forego critical steps like home inspections.
You want full disclosure on your purchase.

Purchase process

From putting in the offering bid to the final negotiation, we represent your best interests. Until everything is complete, we are here to guide you toward the information you need.
Our commitment is to see you through to your new beginning. 

For more details

For detailed legal information on the purchase process, including checklists for buyers, consult these valuable online resources. 

Wherever you are in the Kootenays you are always just a few steps away from breathtaking natural beauty.
It’s no wonder hiking is one of the top activities for locals.
Photo credit: Wild Air Photography