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West Kootenays


Pop: 8,038 Avg Price: $443k
Castlegar is nestled in the confluence of the Columbia and Kootenay Rivers, extending along the valley plateaux and into the foothills.


Pop: 5,351 Avg Price: $446k
For birders and farmers, Creston is a sanctuary. The Creston Valley is an agricultural belt, rich and diverse.


Pop: 3,491 Avg Price: $424k
Fruitvale, a small community of 2,000 is family-oriented, with many recreational facilities and parks.

Grand Forks

Pop: 4,049 Avg Price: $489k
Community-minded, agriculturally diverse, Grand Forks supports farming, arts and music, the ingredients of a healthy, holistic lifestyle.


Pop: 665 Avg Price: $256k
Known for plenty of sunshine and a multitude of lakes, the area is popular for campers, hikers, fishing and gold panning.


Pop: 968 Avg Price: $459k
Kaslo is rich in recreational trails, fishing enthusiasts, skiers of all varieties and cyclists who appreciate the winding scenic roads.


Pop: 649 Avg Price: $291k
Midway is affordable, yet close to larger centres, and offers a private lifestyle.


Pop: 996 Avg Price: $446k
With all the charm of a village, Montrose offers the advantages of rural life: large yards, acreages, parks, gardens, and recreational trails.


Pop: 1,605 Avg Price: $550k
Nakusp is renowned for alternative healing, spiritual explorations, and health-focused lifestyles.


Pop: 10,664 Avg Price: $736k
Nelson is abuzz with fine restaurants, lounges, art galleries, theatre, ski and bike experiences.

New Denver

Pop: 473 Avg Price: $378k
Situated on Slocan Lake, known for its warm water temperatures, New Denver is surrounded by spectacular mountains and parks.


Pop: 3,729 Avg Price: $513k
Sitting above the city of Trail, Rossland is a small mountain town with the charm and heritage appeal typical of the West Kootenays.


Pop: 1,141 Avg Price: $300k
Halfway between Nelson and Castlegar, the hamlet of Salmo blends rural acreage with mountain-style living.


Pop: 195 Avg Price: $389k
Just a few minutes from New Denver, Silverton reminds us to slow down and appreciate times past.


Pop: 272 Avg Price: $470k
Like all the valley communities, the natural setting of water and mountains in Slocan is restful, residents value their quality of life and the slow pace.


Pop: 7,709 Avg Price: $395k
Well known for its history of hockey champions, Trail also boasts a robust Italian community and several iconic restaurants. Community plays an important role for residents here.


Pop: 1,680 Avg Price: $345k
Warfield is an affordable community for families, with many recreational facilities and easy access to the ski resort in Rossland, and the arena and other amenities in Trail.

East Kootenays

Canal Flats

Pop: 668 Avg Price: $387k
A gateway to backcountry adventures, this East Kootenay community sees travellers en route to the many campgrounds and hot springs in the area.


Pop: 20,047 Avg Price: $481k
Wide and mostly flat, the valley location is friendly to easy exploration, with abundant artisanal food products, an excellent recreation centre and a small international airport.


Pop: 2,499 Avg Price: $296k
Local shops and eateries serve up generous community spirit, as does the nine-hole golf course. Living here is about people and place.


Pop: 5,249 Avg Price: $797k
The largest community in the Elk Valley, Fernie is also the oldest, as evidenced by its many beautiful stone and brick buildings.


Pop: 3,708 Avg Price: $631k
Recreationists of all kinds are drawn to the big skies and backcountry lodges in the area. Many younger families find the area attractive and affordable.


Pop: 3,391 Avg Price: $729k
Summers are filled with farmer's markets and artisan vendors. Visitors crowd the town, but given the abundance of recreational options, there is room for all.


Pop:3784 Avg Price: $335k
Sparwood, the second-largest community along the tranquil Elk River, is a haven boasting unspoiled forests, abundant wildlife, and some of the purest water on the planet.


Pop: 776 Avg Price: $427k
Hot springs, golf, whitewater rafting: Radium is a hub for all of these activities.


Pop: 776 Avg Price: $427k
Hot springs, golf, whitewater rafting: Radium is a hub for all of these activities.

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Map of the


West Kootenays

Temperate climate, long growing season, abundant wildflowers and greenery, frequent thunderstorms, and moderate to heavy snowfall accumulation. The moderating effect of lakes in most of these communities keeps the snowfall levels in town manageable. Lakes are generally cool for swimming, excellent for fishing. In the shoulder seasons, valley fog tends to hem in the most narrow valleys, given the temperate gradient and frequent inversions. 

Architecture: Heritage homes feature in most West Kootenay communities. Nelson is notable for its restored downtown core, with many original buildings still operating as businesses. Along this city’s waterfront, condominiums are being developed. In the rest of the region, rustic properties, acreages, and outlying areas are populated along the highway and waterfront. 

East Kootenays

Big skies, wide valleys and impressive skylines define the East Kootenay landscape. It is truly scenic. Forests here are widely spaced, dry, providing habitat for sheep, mountain goats, and other big game. Sunshine is abundant, vegetation is mostly grassland and marsh. Hoodoos along the rivers are spectacular formations that highlight the foothills and rivers.

Expect more wind and colder temperatures than the other Kootenay regions.

Architecture: Condominiums, grand timber frame structures and simple homes are all available. There is a view in most areas, with plenty of green space and walking trails in between subdivisions. Mountain-style buildings near the ski areas combine easy-care materials with rich wood.