Sparwood, the second-largest community along the tranquil Elk River, is a haven boasting unspoiled forests, abundant wildlife, and some of the purest water on the planet. Offering a diverse range of outdoor pursuits, Sparwood caters to every taste. Its landscape bears the imprint of historic coal mines dating back to the late 1800s, shaping its identity. Originally named for the copious trees used in shipbuilding, Sparwood has evolved into a bustling center propelled by steel-making coal mining, a cornerstone of the province's economy.

Distances: to Fernie - 21 mins; to Cranbrook - 1hr 21 mins; to Calgary - 2hrs 43 mins
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3784 (2016)

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 39 (2016)

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Sparwood offers two schools : One Elementary and one High school. 

Healthcare : The Sparwood Health Centre has an interdisciplinary team that provides emergency services, ambulatory care, home health services, laboratory/diagnostic imaging, public health, chronic disease management, mental health/substance use and Primary Care Nursing.
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